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EDU4U: Collaborating Program Between Universitas Trunojoyo Madura and Universiti Teknologi Petronas Malaysia

Universiti Teknologi Petronas Malaysia (UTP) offered UTM, coordinated by IRO, to have a collaborating program called EDU4U stand for Education For You. It will have conducted virtually on 23rd September 2021 – 13th October 2021. This program is not only collaborate with UTM, but also some other Indonesian Universities such as Telkom University, Universitas Wiraraja, and Universitas Madura. As a result, about 84 Indonesian students become the participants of EDU4U and 45 of them are UTM students from some different majors since they were registered and accepted in the selected phase conducted by IRO UTM.

The objective of this program are to promote the use of communicative English language and critical thinking effectively; to develop a growth mindset, confidence, and leadership skills through the activities that EDU4U provided. Also, promote the exchange of cultural values between the two countries. All the activities will have conducted for four-week held through an online platform. Within the four-week project, participants will join activities involving three main aspects: engaging activities via social media, establishing workshops to develop confidence, gain knowledge, and incorporate English in their daily lives, also having cultural exchange or exposure between Malaysia and Indonesia in the end of the program.

The opening ceremony that was held on 25th September 2021 – the representative of IRO UTM, Dr. Rusmilawati Windari delivered a speech regading this engagement session, she expressed her grateful to become a part of ED4U program and such an honour to bring UTM students joining this amazing program. β€œFor all the selected participants please make use this opportunity and enjoy the whole provided program by the commitee, wish you have a great moment for you and your new friends”, said Dr. Rusmilawati Windari. Hopefully this collaborative event will attract other upcoming collaborations in the future and and this community project will help university students from collaborated universities to improve their English communication skills and simultaneously help Universiti Teknologi Petronas Malaysia students to learn about the multicultural aspect in Indonesia.

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