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UTM IRO : Widening International Partnership Through Erasmus University

On 25 August 2021, UTM International Office and many european univerity held a meeting to promoting and widening partnership collaboration with Erasmus Program Scheme. UTM has successfully sent 2 students to participate in ERASMUS+ International Credit Mobility  at the University Palacky Of Olomouc, Czech Republic. It sees International Credit Mobility (ICM) as a great opportunity to strengthen its relationships with its international partners and as a natural step to take to expand its international strategy.

The meeting objectives are to provide a disscusion about partnerships for Cooperation, including Cooperation Partnerships and Small-scale Partnerships; so it will not leave behind schools and organizations that have never met the Programme before, and have less resources and/or logistic capacities. It will dedicate special calls for applications for these organizations, and support them to familiarize themselves with the Programme, and take part in simpler projects that are easier to implement. Openness also refers to the Programme’s possibilities being extended to new participants

” Seeing a lot of participants who interested with our program, i belive in the future UTM IRO will gaining more universities to join partnership with UTM “

Director of UTM IRO

IRO UTM, which was directly represented by Mr. Imron Wakhid Harits, Ph.D as Director of IRO UTM, showed several points and promotional videos. In his explanation, UTM described theirs excellent programs, namely: Short Inbound Program, Consortium, Cultural Exchanges, and Academic purpose. UTM managed to attract the attention of several universities, including Germany,French, Hungary and Israel. This proves that the UTM IRO programs have great appeal in the scope of internationalization activities. In the future, UTM IRO hopes that more universities will be joining partnership with UTM

Let’s look forward to the good news from IRO UTM !

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